How to Take Quality Photographs at Night

Everyone knows that it can be challenging to take good quality pictures at the best of times. This is especially true at night, when low light conditions present unique challenges for all kinds of photographers.

Simple Tips For Improved Photograph Quality

Becoming a professional photographer can take years, or even decades of study and practice. But sometimes making enormous improvements to the quality of your photos is a case of getting back to basics.

Photographers Who Changed the World

Naming the most influential photographer of all time is a tough one, with many considerations needing to be taken into account. As subjective as the process may be, however, there are certain shutterbugs that have had a profound influence on the art of taking and processing photographs.

Exploring the Future of Photography

Photography, like other artistic industries, is constantly evolving. Throughout history, the photographic world has been changed by the introduction of the Box Brownie, the Polaroid camera, disposable cameras and now smartphones as well.

The History of the Polaroid

The Polaroid camera is one of the most iconic in the world. Not only did it change the history of photography and the way we take photographs, it also contributed to many photographic inventions and technology that has emerged along the way. This timeline tells you all about the camera…

Heart Stopping Historic Photographs

Photography often exposes the raw underbelly of life and through the ages there have been several iconic photos that have captured humanity at its worst. Some criticise journalist’s ability to take photos of sensitive subjects, but at the end of the day they capture a side of life that is…

Asia’s 8 Best Professional Photographers

Asia is a massive continent that is known for many things. Its food, its culture, and its traditions and religions are all celebrated across the globe – but did you know that it has produced some world-class photographers as well? Here are the 8 best Asian photographers you will wish…

The World’s Most Iconic Fashion Photographers

While you’re likely more familiar with the fashion icons who grace the covers of magazines, the fashion industry wouldn’t be much if it weren’t for the fashion photographers who capture all this beauty. The world’s most iconic fashion photographers have spent their lives dedicated to bringing fashion to life and…

Top 5 Best Cameras In The World

In today’s world of smartphones with multiple cameras, it can be easy to forget just how much of a difference the camera has made to the course of human history. Capturing both the best and worst that humanity has to offer, camera have been documenting our progress over the last…

The Top 5 Iconic National Geographic Photographs

National Geographic has been around for decades, and in that time they’ve produced and distributed some of the most recognisable photographs of all time. These are photos that had such powerful stories attached to them that they would eventually become instantly recognisable to most people around the world. The company…