Asia’s 8 Best Professional Photographers

Asia is a massive continent that is known for many things. Its food, its culture, and its traditions and religions are all celebrated across the globe – but did you know that it has produced some world-class photographers as well? Here are the 8 best Asian photographers you will wish you had known about sooner!

#1: Rinko Kawauchi – Japan

Rinko Kawauchi is best known for her serene and tranquil photographs that aim to make the ordinary moments of life special. Her work is described as poetic and sometimes surreal as well thanks to her use of unexpected visual elements and themes. She is one of Asia’s few celebrated female photography professionals, and is also known for her pioneering interest in making photo-books.

#2: Dayanita Singh – India

Singh is another renowned female photographer who is famed for her portraits of urban upper-class families and businesspeople. She has described herself as a ‘bookmaker who is working with photography’, and in 2013, she became the first Indian woman to host a solo show at the Hayward Gallery in London.

#3: Daido Moriyama – Japan

Moriyama is another Japanese photographer whose name you may well have heard before. He is probably the most referenced name in photography from the continent, and specialises in street photography from around the world. Moriyama is best known for his simple but poignant black and white ‘photocopies’ of Japan’s Shinjuku region.

#4: Rongrong & inri – China

RongRong (China) and inri (Japan) are a pair of celebrated contemporary photographers. They have collaborated both in their practice of choice, and also in founding the acclaimed Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The establishment came is China’s first privately operated, non-profit centre devoted to photography and the art of video making.

#5: Raghubir Singh – India

Asia isn’t just known for its quality eSports betting sites and its colourful cultures. To prove this point, Raghubir Singh has long been known as India’s best colour photography and one of the best in the world to boot. His works are characterised by vivid and complex layers which express the vibrancy and unique culture of his home nation.

#6: Chang Chao-Tan – Taiwan

Chao-Tang is a veritable master of surrealism, and his influence has reached far past his own photography practice over the years. The artist has been credited with being an excellent curator and mentor for many of Taiwan’s best young photographers. His own works showcase the hidden side of his home nation through the use of absurdist elements and stark colour schemes.

#7: Lu Nan – China

Lu Nan became a household name in China and beyond when he documented patients at mental hospitals and the rise of Catholicism in China, and the lives of peasants living in Tibet. His work has been distributed by Magnum Agency in the past, and serves as a reminder of a bygone Chinese era.

#8: Pablo Bartholomew – India

Bartholomew is one of India’s most famed photographers. He was the first member of a South Asian country to win the World Press Photo Award back in 1975, scooping the prestigious accolade at the tender age of 19. His photographs are characterised by their heart-wrenching and emotional subject matter and their muted, nostalgic use of colour.