Photographers Who Changed the World

Naming the most influential photographer of all time is a tough one, with many considerations needing to be taken into account. As subjective as the process may be, however, there are certain shutterbugs that have had a profound influence on the art of taking and processing photographs.

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Ansel Adams

Adams was an American photographer specialising in black and white images of rural landscapes. He was also an influential environmental activist and one of the pioneers of modern nature photography.

David Bailey

David Bailey is an English photographer who’s built his reputation for his work in fashion photography in the 1960s. Some of his most famous subjects include The Beatles, the Kray Twins, and The Rolling Stones.

Diane Arbus

Arbus’ work often focussed on the unique, unusual characters in our society. Her images are often slightly disturbing and have made a big impact on the recording of urban street culture photographically.

Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold was a photojournalism pioneer, specialising in capturing natural, unguarded images of celebrities. She is most famous, possibly, for the memorable photographs she captured of screen icon Marilyn Monroe.

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton was a famous fashion photographer who had his work published in publications like Playboy and Vogue. He was a prolific worker, and his style has been widely imitated over the years. It was characterised by erotically charged, provocative black and white images of strong women.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Cartier-Bresson is best known for The Decisive Moment, possibly one of the most influential photography books ever published. He is additionally held to be a master of candid photography.

Irving Penn

Some of the most iconic fashion photographs ever taken are Penn’s, and his work with clients like Clinique and Vogue has been published all over the world. Held to be a technical master, Penn used an array of different camera, printing methods, and printing processes to create his images.

Richard Avedon

Avedon was one of the true masters of fashion and portrait photography and became famous for his ability to capture moments of pure emotion, somehow managing to bring life to his subjects without tampering with formality. His work was often controversial and always provocative, and helped redefine this art form as a work in expression.

Eugene Smith

Eugene Smith believed that 90% of the photographers’ work takes place in the darkroom, and he’s widely held to be a trailblazer in terms of the use of photo essays. He is quoted as saying that he suffered from being torn between the roles of a journalist, recording facts, and an artist, who is necessarily at odds with these facts. He often risked his life capturing images of conflict and war on the front lines in order to bring the realities of these events to life and faithfully document social issues.