4 Famous Wildlife Photographers

There are literally millions of different types of fauna and flora that live in the world with us and we often forget that there is another world outside of our cities.

Luckily for us there are many talented wildlife photographers who share their photographs with us and bring the nature and wildlife to us.  Without these photographers we would probably not be able to share in this wonderful world.

1. Martin Bailey

Based in Tokyo, Martin Bailey, is a nature and wildlife photographer and is also a popular podcaster and blogger and author.  He has a passion for nature and travel and loves to share his vast knowledge and artistic vision with us.

Martin is also a tour and workshop leader and is passionate about helping other photographers to experience and capture the beauty and wonders of our world.

Martin’s work has been published by various publications like Popular Photography Magazine, X-Rite and Creation Durable.  His work has also been on exhibition at the Viaggiando Immaginando in Italy during 2005 and his first solo exhibition was held in Toyama, Tokyo in 2010, titled “The Nature of Japan”.

2. Karen Lunney

Karen is a wildlife photographer based in Brisbane and Queensland.  Photographers that have inspired her include Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Dorothea Lange.  Karen has also found inspiration from Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis” project.

Her most famous photograph is the migration of Wildebeest, Zebra and Antelope in Africa which has gone on for centuries, but on this particular day the herds were caught in a cross current of waters and many lost their lives.  She was a finalist the Exposure Awards for this in 2014, besides countless other awards. Her work shows a unique insight.

3. Annette Bonnier

Annette graduated from the University of Florida in 1979, long before online pokies NZ were around, and continued studying under respected photographers who included Mary Ellen Marks and Steve McCurry.  From a young age she was inspired by Like, Look and National Geographic.

Her photography has covered many aspects of life, not only wildlife and she was part of the search for dying refugees during Hurricane Andrew and spent time backstage with the Cirque de Soleil. Annette has also worked with NGO’s in India and South East Asia, which she says has made a huge impact on her life.  Her work has been published in the New York Times, Miami Herald and Loft.  Her work has been widely exhibited.

4. Frans Lanting

Frans has been called one of the greatest photographers of our time and his work appears in books and magazines as well as been exhibited around the world.  He was born in Rotterdam where he studied Economics and was awarded a Master’s degree and then studied Environmental Planning in the US.

Not long after that he began photographing nature and has never turned back. He has worked in Madagascar documenting wildlife and tribal traditions and has been very influential in inspiring the world to take an interest in wildlife and conservation in Botswana. His work in Borneo and Antarctica has been published around the world.